The Translation Blues

What are the biggest translation breakdown spots? This is what we’ve heard from clients looking to us for help.

“It takes forever to receive a quote.”

“The documents are not certified, so not admissible in court.”

“My deadlines are ignored; our translations are late.”

“I need to make changes before the final is done, but I can’t get ahold of anybody to help.”

The Arriva Solution

You are assigned a dedicated case manager who oversees your translation project from start to finish.

What You Can Expect from Arriva Translations

  • A case manager who cares. One person who oversees your project from start to finish.
  • Quick turnaround times and a high level of accuracy, every time.
  • Extreme attention to detail – something our partners across the financial, medical, and legal fields identify as the ‘Arriva Advantage.’

“Language is legislation, speech is its code, law is its power.”

— Roland Barthes


  • “My experience with Arriva Translations has been like with no other agencies in terms of providing positive support, great communication and prompt payment to the interpreters. Throughout my several years of business relationship with them, I have truly been impressed with their professionalism and loyalty, for which I feel dedicated to return the same by way of better servicing their dear clientele.”

    Aeryong Chi Kim
    Certified Court Interpreter

    Aeryong Chi Kim,
  • “It is a pleasure to work with Arriva Translations, a very professional agency with great integrity. Kylia is an exceptional asset and is very proactive and attentive. As an interpreter, I feel valued, respected and appreciated. In addition, I can always depend on Arriva Translations’ timely payments!”

    Anahita Ghafourpour
    Court Certified Spanish/English Interpreter

    Anahita Ghafourpour,
  • ”Working with Arriva Translations has been an outstanding experience, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them for our client needs.  Vicky and her staff are very professional, and we are confident they can handle all of our requests.”

    Cathy Chu, Partner
    The Sullivan Group of Court Reporters

    Cathy Chu,
  • “Victoria Canedy and her professional staff always go above and beyond to provide their clients with great customer service. They are reliable and accessible day or night, readily available to schedule and arrange translators and interpreters for depositions, meetings, and hearings, regardless of location. Arriva’s expert interpreters are fluent in their languages, always prepared, arrive early, and are courteous to all parties. I highly recommend Arriva for all of your interpreting and translation services.”

    Cornelia J. Baker, President
    Cornelia Inc.

    Cornelia J Baker,
  • “Victoria’s professionalism and care for her clients permeates everything she does. It’s wonderful to have her as a referral resource for my clients in industries like insurance, where translation is extremely vital.”

    Darren Cecil, President
    Enrich Sales

    Darren Cecil,
  • “We love partnering with Arriva! They take care of us by communicating every step of the way. When scheduling with them, we are confident that Arriva is sending a quality and well-qualified interpreter to our jobs all across the nation. Victoria and her staff pay close attention to all aspects of the job so we don’t have to. They are amazing!”

    Erika Vinyard
    Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters

    Erika Vinyard,
  • “I have been working with Arriva Translations and Vicky Canedy since 2007. This agency has always been respectful of interpreters; they have never quibbled over rates and have never made me feel as if I have to compete for jobs by lowering my rates and standards. This shows me that they value the work I do and are not only looking to increase their profits by quoting clients a high price, but then paying the interpreter a low rate. Many agencies do that, thereby creating an unhealthy reputation for themselves, as well as a strained relationship with the interpreter. I’m very appreciative of, and grateful for, the collaboration I have with Arriva Translations.”

    Golrokh (Goli) Khatibloo
    Certified Court Farsi (Persian) Interpreter

    Golrokh Khatibloo,
  • ”As the founder and managing partner of a 15 attorney law firm with four offices in California, and having personally practiced both civil litigation and Workers’ Compensation claims defense for over 30 years, I have worked with dozens of interpreting services and hundreds of interpreters in deposition and trial settings. Having that background, I feel qualified to proffer the opinion that the service provided by Arriva Translations is of the highest quality. Victoria Canedy and her team are committed to excellence and have the skills to reach that standard. As the practice of law now requires attorneys to communicate with clients and witnesses who speak a myriad of languages, Arriva provides an essential service. You can rely upon Arriva to find you a qualified interpreter without hassle and at the most competitive rates available.”

    Heywood Friedman
    Law Offices of Friedman & Bartoumian

    Heywood Friedman,
  • “Some translation services act like vendors and the elite few are truly a partner in achieving your goals like Arriva Translations. With Victoria leading Arriva, it is no surprise that their focus is on building a long term relationship as she truly cares for her clients and her translation team. If you want a partner who you know is reliable, understands your needs, and will exceed expectations then work with Victoria and Arriva Translations.”

    Jen Hamilton
    Nationally recognized trainer and career coach as quoted on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Co-Author of the book “Cultivating Culture”

    Jen Hamilton,
  • “Having Arriva as a part of our team is wonderful! When a job is sent over to them we can relax and trust that they are taking the time and care to communicate with our clients and provide language solutions for all their needs. We have had nothing but great experiences working with the Arriva team!”

    Margie Melendez
    Peterson Reporting 

    Margie Melendez,
  • “Arriva Translations has always been able to get coverage, even on those last-minute depositions. The interpreters they provide us with are experienced, reliable and a pleasure to work with, as well as your office staff. I know that when we schedule with Arriva, they will take good care of us and our clients, and I will always get a licensed translator, who is always on time. Thank you Arriva!!”

    Maria Crilly – Owner
    Global Access Litigation Services

    Maria Crilly,
  • “Victoria is a very caring person and is genuinely interested in her client’s needs. Her positive energy and professionalism, exudes throughout her team and within her company. She has always been available to me on short notices as well. Her team is great with communication, they go above and beyond their duties.

    I truly enjoy working with Arriva Translations.”

    Melinda Sanchez

    Melinda Sanchez,
  • ”Arriva saves the day! In pro bono and billable legal cases, Victoria and the Arriva Team have responded quickly, accurately, and with utmost professional care in translating foreign documents. Arriva also was available on short notice to certify documents that were “informally” translated so our filings would pass scrutiny by the immigration court. What a relief! I love Arriva’s awareness of the different cultures attached to the languages they speak, and their support for the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association to understand the business needs of legal staff.”

    Rose Sheehan
    Legal Secretary Supervisor

    Rose Sheehan,
  • ”Victoria and her team take pride in what they do. We never need to worry when it comes to working with Arriva, the service we receive is exceptional. Professional from beginning to end. I am confident my staff is getting the answers they need – and they can get those answers as quickly as they need them.  Our jobs need to go forward, and Victoria and Arriva help to make sure that happens, even in urgent situations that occur after hours. Arriva is incredibly responsive, and that’s why we can count on them.”

    Stacey Mayer – Director of Operations
    AdvancedONE Legal

    Stacey Mayer,
  • “I enjoy very much working for Arriva Translations. Excellent support and customer service, I appreciate very much the degree to which they maintain their professionalism and dedication.”  

    Violeta Tidwell
    Certified Court Interpreter

    Violeta Tidwell,